In general, any type of metal jewelry should avoid contact with water. Therefore try to remember to take off the jewelry when washing hands, taking a bath or a swim, doing sports or physical activities, or going to sleep. Avoid perfume and lotion on your jewelry, and keep your jewelry separate by using jewelry boxes or bags. In this way scratching and damage is avoided.

 Silver – Silver is a natural material, representing timeless quality. Still, silver oxidizes naturally from our climate. Thus, you should not leave your silver jewelry in the bathroom. The moisture in the room turns the metal dark. Acid from body sweat can also make your silver jewelry dark through oxidization. We recommend you to do a regular polishing of your silver jewelry by using normal silver cleaner.

 Recycled inner tubes -If the black color of the recycled inner tube starts to fade you can always polish it using any type of vegetable oil (everything from olive oil to argan oil). Apply a drop of the oil on a piece of soft paper, or a cotton cloth, and polish.